Secret Meals

While working closely with school counselors, the Junior Auxiliary provides non-perishable meals to children who have been recognized as going without food on the weekend.

Before the community shutdown in spring 2020, we delivered roughly 2,200 meals to students in need around our community! Last year the ladies of Laurel Junior Auxiliary donated 429 recorded hours of time to this project. We purchased an estimated 4,400 Capri Suns, 2,200 crackers/granola bars, applesauce, fruit cups, 8,800 beef jerky sticks, 6,600 Vienna sausages & more. Our meals must be shelf-stable for children to take home and prepare for themselves over the weekend until they return to school the following week.

A glance at what this cost our organization on average per child/week: $5.75 per week. We have a predicted number of 110 students in need so far this year making it $632.50 total a week and with 35 weeks this school year, an estimated expense of $22,138. (*This total does not include donations.) This number far exceeds what we have in our budget to put towards this worthy project.

We are estimating to deliver 3,850 meals during the 2020-2021 school year! Laurel Junior Auxiliary cannot do this without the donations we receive during the year. If you or your business is interested in donating food/money towards Secret Meals or sponsoring a school, please let us know. You can contact us at or contribute non-perishable items via our Amazon wish list.



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