Secret Meals

While working closely with school counselors, the Junior Auxiliary provides non-perishable meals to children who have been recognized as going without food on the weekend.

Park Side Playground (LJA Signature Project)

The playground, in Mason Park, was built in 2002 by Junior Auxiliary members with the assistance of 1,500 volunteers.  Junior Auxiliary, in partnership with the City of Laurel, oversees the upkeep and maintenance of the playground.

Crown Club

CROWN stands for Care and Responsibility for Others Who Need.  Crown Club is an affiliate of Junior Auxiliary of Laurel.  The Crown Club includes 10th and 11th grade girls from Laurel and Jones County schools.  Crown Club members must maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA and obtain a minimum of 10 service hours.   Crown Club girls assist Junior Auxiliary members with various projects.

Very Special Arts

Very Special Arts Festival is a much loved service project held in conjunction with the Lauren Rogers Museum every fall.  It is a day for all special needs children in Jones County and surrounding counties to get together and enjoy music, arts and crafts, and one another.  On the average, 300 children are served.

Chic Chat (9th Grade Academy) and GIRL TALK

Chic Chat at Laurel High School is Junior Auxiliary of Laurel’s child welfare project.  Once a month JA members will mentor 9th grade girls on topics such as conflict resolution, bullying, etiquette, stress management and forgiveness.  Junior Auxiliary of Laurel’s main goal is to teach girls the importance of going to school and staying in school.

GIRL TALK provides an educational and fun day for 8th grade girls at Laurel Middle School.  This one day workshop shares information on topics such as girl’s health, self-esteem, and healthy choices.  Entertainment and special treats are provided throughout the day.  This project teaches girls the importance of making healthy choices for a brighter future.

Done In A Day

The Done In A Day project provides assistance to other community organizations, giving them the manpower they need.  Community organizations may request Junior Auxiliary of Laurel’s assistance in writing.  If approved, members will assist as needed.


Junior Auxiliary of Laurel awards numerous scholarships to high school seniors from the Laurel and Jones County schools.

Child Abuse Awareness

To heighten awareness of child abuse and neglect, Junior Auxiliary of Laurel members perform puppet shows to first grade students at all 12 schools in the Jones County area.  The puppet shows provide information on neglect, signs of physical and sexual abuse, and assist children in identifying individuals who can help.

Salvation Army

Junior Auxiliary members assist the Salvation Army by helping with the Angel Tree applications and hosts a Christmas party for the children that attend their church.

Family Matters

Family Matters provides school uniforms to children in need in the Laurel and Jones County schools.

Amblyopia Screening

Junior Auxiliary Provisional members work with the private schools in the community to screen 5 year-old kindergarten students for Amblyopia.  Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is a distinct order of the visual system that is characterized by poor or indistinct vision in an eye that is otherwise physically normal.